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Your Estate & Your Legacy

Your estate is the sum of all you own less
what you owe. You build and live off your estate
every day – it defines you – and one day,
you will want to pass it on.

That’s where estate planning
comes in, and our goal is to make this site
extremely useful as you go about that process.

Your legacy is how people will
remember you.


Your complete Estate Planning Planet

Welcome to your Estate Planet. This is where you will find a great deal of material on – and links to – information regarding estate planning. This site is also a directory for you to find professionals who specialise in all or some of the many components of estate planning.

While we at Estate Planet do not provide advice, we are delighted to be the hub where many professionals in the field present their advice offerings, as well as contributing useful articles and videos on this rapidly expanding field.

As we are unable to verify all statements and claims made by persons and entities who appear on this site, we ask you to read our disclaimer here.

So, please, be our guest and explore … if what you are looking for is not here, please contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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The Process

A single ounce of prevention is worth a whole pound of cure

Estate-related issues arise when unexpected events arrive in any family, in any business. Events such as disablement, divorce, fire, flood, transfer to age-care facility, and, of course, the final farewell of a loved one. Whenever any of these occur it is vital to quickly find the information and documents that relate to them. Most people can’t – that’s why we created Now Sorted.

The diagram illustrates a process for preventing the huge frustrations when ‘the unexpected’ occurs: 1) record crucial information; 2) upload key documents to a secure online vault; 3) create a report that collates both the information and the documents; 4) then seek sound advice from professionals who are qualified to give it; and 5) review these steps at least once a year. To self-assess how ‘prepared for the unexpected’ your family is, take the test below (all results are anonymous).

Why Use a Professional

The right advice can save thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache

Probably the most important aspect of estate planning is implementing what a family really wants as an outcome following an ‘unexpected event’. Numerous factors will affect the ultimate result. These will include: legal issues (especially the Will and Power of Attorney); taxation matters; and just about everything that relates to investments. We strongly suggest that these matters are best addressed by professional advisers with relevant skills (and not by a DIY approach).

Do your homework

Organise all your key information and documents.
Many of the service providers on this site can help you do this quickly and easily with their Now Sorted service. Just ask.

Have a conversation

Once you have all your key information sorted and securely recorded, you may find a conversation with close family members will help in your planning process.

Consult professionals.

Do all you can to ensure that the results you want are the results you plan for – speak with a lawyer, accountant, and financial planner to build a rock solid plan.
Act diligently.

Don’t set & forget

Your circumstances in life change … and your estate plan should reflect those changes so it’s best to review your plan at least once a year to make sure it remains relevant.

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